Amy Schuler  is an award winning fine art wedding photographer who specializing in documentary storytelling with a modern fine art approach. With over ten years being in the wedding industry  Amy  brings a mix of contemporary and fine art vision to each session.
​   Facts & Questions

How would you describe your style?
​I would consider my style artistic documentation. There is nothing like great imagery and will work with you to create pho
tographs that are true to your taste, style and personality. My goal is to tell your story in the most creative way possible while creating memorial and breathtaking photographs.

Are you a digital or film photographer?
​I shoot all weddings and portraits using digital. With a BFA in Photography; I fell in love with film photography and the many hours spent in the darkroom. This is why I include a black and white image to every color image to my clients. There is something nostalgic about working with black and white that you can not get with a color photograph.  
Where are you located?
I am located in the historic section of Quakertown, PA; which is located amongst one of Bucks County's many scenic towns.​ 

Are you willing to travel?
Definitely! I love destination weddings and being able to see new places. For travel rates, please contact me with your location!​

Do you have a second photographer?
Yes, I have several second photographers that I work with and most of my collections include a second photographer on your wedding day. This is also optional and can be removed from any collection. ​

Do you offer elopement packages? 
Yes, I do. ​For intimate ceremonies there is abbreviated coverage that includes one photographer for 2-3 hours on your wedding day. This allows just enough time to capture your ceremony, family and formal photographs.

Do you offer full day coverage?
Each wedding package comes with unlimited photography coverage for approximately 8-10 hours on your wedding day. This gives you the opportunity to tell your wedding story while capturing memorial candid moments. 

What if we aren't comfortable having our picture taken?
I primarily  use a doc​umentary approach in telling your story and strive not to be the photographer that is all up in your business. Before your engagement session I have my clients fill out a questionnaire that is based on their interest and hobbies so I can get to know my couples a little more and develop ideas for an engagement session that is tailored to you as a couple. The engagement session is an opportunity to focus on the two of you while I guide you through posing techniques in a laid back and natural environment. I strive to create a comfortable, fun and memorial experience for each couple that will translate into great imagery. So come wedding day being in front of the camera is more natural and comfortable.

How many images should we expect and can we print our photos?​​​​​
You can expect for full day wedding coverage 900-1,200 images from your event that are both color and black and white. All packages include high-resolution image files that are printable up to 8"x12" featuring full rights to reproduction. This means you can take your files and have them printed at the lab of your choice or select the a la carte options.

What happens if I get sick?
The show will go on! Yes, I have shot a wedding while under the weather with a  fever and will do my best to not get sick. However, life happens and  If I am unable to be there on the selected day I will have an associate photographer there to cover. 

Do you have insurance?
Yes, I do! I am fully insured. My photo equipment on an average wedding day consist of two cameras, two flashes and a plethora of lenses.

Will you color correct/retouch images?
Each selected photograph is carefully color corrected and retouched if necessary. 

How long after the event or session will my proofs, albums, etc be ready?​​​​​​​​
Typically depending on the time of year and how booked I am you can expect to see your photos in the online album about a month to two months after your wedding and two weeks for portraits. Prints can take up to a week to get back and albums usually a month. However this is based on the client and when they get their selections back to me in order to create albums and prints.

​​​​​Do you have a preferred Vendor List?
Yes, I do! I have gathered a handful of great venders that I have worked with some of the best vendors in the industry and would be happy to share my list with you.  The list includes venues, florist, bakers, DJ's, videographers, caterers and makeup artist.

​What's the next step?
​​​If this all sounds good and you like what you see, let's set up a time and date to chat! This will allow you to ask and answer any questions you may have about your wedding day photography and engagement session. If you want to proceed to the next step a signed contract and down deposit of $500 are required to lock in your day.